1st Round of Artists, FUNDED!

We are pleased to announce the artist recipients of our first round of Church of Noise funding!

It was a tough vote for the Church Elders, considering there are SOOOOOO many amazing artists worthy of funding... but in the end the Elders decided on the incredible artists listed below. Each of these 4 artists/projects are being awarded a $1000 grant to fund their art & music projects!

Linqua Franqa
Mariah Parker is a rapper, a grad student in linguistics, a political activist and an elected official in the city of Athens, GA. A generall, all-around badass. She's working on her new album now, and with church funds, she'll now be able to finish production and mastering. More on the new material soon, but in the meantime, check out her track / video "Eight Weeks", and her last album at Bandcamp.

Claire Rousay and Dani Toral
Rousay/Toral is a collaborative vinyl LP and artbook from musician Claire Rousay and visual artist Dani Toral. This is not a musical project with an accompanying art object but the result of both things informing each other. The project is scheduled for release in early 2021 on American Dreams Records. Check out each artists previous work here:
Dani Toral 
claire rousay  

Kahiem Rivera
Kahiem is an innovative Brooklyn-based rapper, who is at this time completing his new 7", "Cement, Sand" b/w "The Bag". With Church funds, this 7" will soon be a reality – but for now, check out Kahiem's previous work here: www.kahiemrivera.com 

Hanna Benn
"Hanna is one of my favorite composers and vocalists. Her music has a foot in classical music, a foot in soul, and a third foot in electronic music." –C.J. Boyd.
Church funds are being used to finish her new album "Aerated". More on that album soon, but for now, check out her first album on Bandcamp

This amazing music will now exist due to your generosity. 
Thank you for supporting adventurous art!

xo, the Elders