Q3 2020 Artists Funded!

Hello fellow cult members!

We are pleased to announce the artist recipients of our second round of Church of Noise funding! For Q3 2020, the Elders decided on the incredible artists listed below to receive vital funding for their adventurous projects. These 4 artists below are being awarded (a minimum of) $1000 EACH to fund their art!

Check out the info and links to their work below:

Jess Joy

Jess Joy

Jess Joy is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary musician and artist from the swamps of Saint Gabriel, Louisiana. She has been described as “One of those voices cults form around” by NPR Music. Jess was in art school when she joined the rock band Moon Honey, releasing three consecutive albums.

Jess transitioned into solo artistry in 2019, releasing the single “finally blooming” in collaboration with drummer Mike Byrne. At this moment, Jess is in the midst of recording an incredible debut album, produced by our very own Greg Saunier. This debut solo album is epic and child-like... So delightfully strange, yet so accessible and inviting. We can't stop listening. 

More info and audio for the full album will be sent to members soon, but for now check out the new unreleased track "Bless Your Name" here! 

Karima Walker

Karima Walker is an artist and experimental musician from Tucson, Arizona. Interweaving field recordings, tape loops and traditional song structures she creates large, paced arrangements that provide a horizon for her minimal, ambient songwriting. Church funds will go toward her new record's recording and video costs (yet to be announced) but you can find the rest of her work here: www.karimawalker.com 

Yonatan Gat & Eastern Medicine Singers

This collaboration started in a chance encounter at SXSW Festival where renowned New York-via-Middle-East composer and guitarist Yonatan Gat first experienced the sound of award winning Rhode Island-based Algonquin group Eastern Medicine Singers as they were performing in the street.

In Gat’s words: “First time I saw the Eastern Medicine Singers they were playing outside the venue just before we went on. I loved their music and asked if they wanted to join us. We never met before, and they immediately replied – ‘no’. I suggested that they are free to reconsider after they hear our music. By the second song I noticed them hauling their gigantic drum inside. My trio performs on the floor, so we formed a circle with both bands inside the crowd, which was surrounding both bands, banging on the musicians’ backs – crying, dancing, trancing. The Eastern Medicine Singers and I became close friends and never stopped recording and touring together ever since.”

Though they have collaborated on Yonatan’s solo album in the past, Church Of Noise is funding a brand new project with Eastern Medicine Singers in the driver’s seat. That is about all we can say at the moment, but trust us this thing is incredible. We will send y’all audio updates as soon as we are able. But for now you can check out the video/song for Medicine from Yonatan's last album 'Universalists' 

& one more mystery artist...

We've also funded a fourth artists who shall remain nameless for now... but this new project from three prominent Indiana artists will be an exciting one! We will clue you in just as soon as this project is public. 

Due to your generosity, all of this amazing music will now exist!
Thank you for supporting adventurous art!

xo, the Elders