Q4 2021 Funded Artists!

Church of Noise has been a project against all odds 2 years into this ever-changing world, and its mission remains the same as when we started: To Fund Meaningful, Adventurous Music. In light of all the strife and chaos we see and hear around the world, music brings us all together, it brings us hope. We celebrate this Church of ours in helping to illuminate music to inspire, music to celebrate, music to heal. 

This quarter we welcome four new artists into the Church fold, all phenomenally talented and worth your time and attention. Take a pause, take a listen, and share with some friends:

Andrew Egbuchiem/The African Serenades

Nominated by Sima Cunningham


From the artist Andrew Egbuchiem on funding their project: "The African Serenades is an audio compilation of literatures of African Art Music. Simply put it African Classical Music. Modern African Composers influenced by European Classical Music. All the music in this genre embodies infusions of western classical music elements into African Folk tunes and elements. Our album features array of compositions of composers of fame including works of young talented composers. Performances on the Album are by Andrew Egbuchiem, Countertenor, Echezonachukwu Nduka, Piano and featuring Jasmine Thomas, soprano.

Thanks to the grant from Church of Noise our Album project is back on track and we expect it to be release in the coming month."

From nominating Elder Sima: "Andrew submitted through our open call and I thought the concept and the music were both powerful. A collection of African Classical Music Serenades-- its combines storytelling, a powerful and moving singular voice, and explores diverse musical traditional vis-a-vis one another."

You can find Andrew Egbuchiem and more on The African Serenades here: Artist WebsiteFacebook, and YouTube


Howls Road

Nominated by CJ Boyd


From the Artist: "Howls Road was born in the most tempestuous time in my life. I came out as transgender right before the dawn of the pandemic, then spent the majority of the following years living in my Toyota Previa minivan. This proved to be an immensely abundant time for me creatively. Released from the constraints of a forced gender identity, as well as from the responsibility of performing and touring, I found solace and shelter in foraging for a new musical world to explore.

This was a world steeped in my love of the animal kingdom, the deep woods, the ghosts of the American West, the dream world, and my experience blossoming as a trans woman during a rising tide of violence and hate. I found that when I closed my eyes and let the world outside melt, I could go to this "place" - a road in the dead of night, with the sounds of strange animals howling in the woods around me, each telling a story. I could only view this world like a car with headlights, one stretch of road at a time. This became the music I called Howls Road.

Weaving together violin, guitar, banjo, & voice, my ambition with my music is for it to feel at once intimate and enveloping. I want to make it possible for people who hear the music to visit this "place" with me. Some have told me the "place" for them looks like passing through a landscape in a train, others have said it feels like memories from a trip they never took. 

This year (2022) I have a tour planned for spring, and aim to tour more in the summer and fall. I plan to release the second of three planned EPs. The first EP, out now, is titled "Southnorth" an ode to the previous name of Howls Road."

You can find Howls Road here: Artist Website, Bandcamp, Instagram, Patreon, and YouTube.



Turtle Grenade

Nominated by k(aren) hover


From the artist: "Turtle Grenade is my solo lofi folk/ anti-folk project and also serves as a moniker for my visual art projects. My work is intimately personal and deals with mental illness such as numbness and depression. I like to contrast these emotions and tackle them often with humor and playfulness...

I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I started playing and writing songs on guitar in September 2016, shortly after having discovered Neutral Milk Hotel, and have been performing mostly solo since then. Before that, I was mostly focused on photography and visual arts. I moved to Athens, Ga. about 8 months ago now, I was drawn to its music legacy and affordable rent (compared to Miami). At the moment, I’m ready to begin recording a new album and hopefully some new music videos. I look forward to setting up a tour soon as well."

From nominating Elder k(aren) hover: "Playing a show with Turtle Grenade in their home town of 2017 opened me up to the wonderful world of Denise's art and magical aura. Captivating both on stage and off, Denise's artwork spans the audiovisual world in a way that others are not. I was happy to nominate Turtle Grenade for the CoN grant in the hopes that this extra financial push will allow Denise to have her work seen and heard by new audiences." 

You can find Turtle Grenade here: Bandcamp, InstagramYouTube, Spotify, and Facebook.


Summer Like The Season

Nominated by Sima Cunningham


Summer Like The Season is an indie electronic/art rock/experimental pop band performing the musical musings of Summer Krinsky. Based out of Detroit, Summer’s sound is characterized by poppy vocals mingling with polyrhythmic harmonies, bizarre breakbeats, and ethereal soundscapes. Exploring themes of this cyborg era, the musical/lyrical content examines the intermediary role technology plays in modern identity. The sound is stylized by the use of mixing and production as a compositional foundation, tracing the edge between live instrumentation and contemporary electronics. Summer experiments with programming novel audio controllers and designing interactive installations, pushing boundaries to ameliorate human/digital expression. For the live show meticulous songwriting collides with bursting noise, Summer plays drum kit and sings alongside Scott Murphy (synth/electric violin/mpc) and Liam McNitt (guitar/backup vox/electronics).

From nominating Elder Sima: "I came across Summer's submission from the Church open submissions and I was instantly taken, it was so in line with the kind of adventurous music we are trying to support through the Church. Her project has a beautiful mission, 'to create a duet to be performed by the drone controller and I, modulating the sound of it transmitting a wifi signal as it hopelessly searches for its pair.' The music is innovative, unique, and deeply engaging. The tools of sound are being bent and challenged in new ways. And the songwriting is just plain good. I really look forward to seeing what comes from the next stage of her art."

You can find Summer Like The Season here: Artist SiteYouTubeInstagram, and Facebook


Thank you as always for your continued support to the Church, keep posted for news in the next week regarding an exciting new project that will be going live for 2022! A new way to help support more artists and bring even more exciting music to your ears.

xoxo, Church of Noise and the Elders