• How is Church of Noise connected to Joyful Noise Recordings?
      Church of Noise was started by JNR staff and artists, but exists to help fund creative art by anyone, regardless of label status.

    • How are projects selected for funding?
      Each quarter, Church of Noise will accept up to 100 project pitches. (See the submissions page here.) These projects are reviewed by the church elders, and the most compelling ones are brought to the vote. Elders also have the option to bring projects which they've discovered organically. Elders vote on the roughly 10 projects each quarter, deciding how to divide the funds from that quarter into approximately $1000 projects. Any leftover funds will go into an emergency fund to help artists in need.

    • What do I get as a Church of Noise member?
      The aim of Church of Noise is to help creative, risk-taking art to exist outside of the supply-and-demand model. As a member, you're investing in the future of music and contributing directly to adventurous artists. Beyond this, members get exclusive access to our community on Discord, where you can chat with other members and church elders, share music and art, discuss Church of Noise projects, and engage in the ongoing conversation about the future of music.

    • Is Church of Noise a legal nonprofit?
      Church of Noise, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the state of Indiana and the IRS. All donations are tax deductible. Our EIN and other documentation can be found here.