Introducing our new Flexi Zine Quarterly!

Flexi Vinyl Zine is Here.

We're so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Church of Noise Flexi Zine quarterly! Every quarter, the Church of Noise issues a print zine in making our selections for Artist Funding official. Thank you to those who have already subscribed to our print edition, this will be another step in the Church's mission to proselytize and preach Meaningful, Adventurous Music. 

Each quarter, subscribers will receive a Limited Edition, never to be reprinted again, Flexi vinyl single from one of our Funded Artists. You will also receive the printed version of our Church Zine, now curated by a different Elder each issue. Flexi singles are selected and voted on by current Church Elders. Full proceeds from your Flexi Zine purchase go back to allowing the Church to fund even more artists. This is a great opportunity to own the art that you help to fund every month! 

The first quarter of our new Flexi Zine edition will be shipping out by the end of April 2022. Our inaugural Flexi will be by the astounding group 81355 (bless) with their track "Mind Disease" (Q3 2020 Recipients), with this issue's zine curated by Church Elder and Joyful Noise Founder Karl Hofstetter. A limited run is made of each Flexi exclusively for our subscribers, and a portion of the pressed Flexis are donated back to the artist for their use. 

Subscriptions to our Flexi Zine start at donations of $15 per quarter, plus the cost of shipping. Subscribe HERE today!