One-Time Donation

One-Time Donation

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100% of donations benefit adventurous art. The church operates with zero overhead. All of those involved are volunteers. So we truly can pay through 100% of the funds you donate to these artists. Each time a project is funded and each time an artist is awarded a grant, that information will be communicated to all members, and will be documented in our quarterly art zine. So you will know exactly where your donations went... and you’ll be able to know that you contributed to keeping meaning for arts and culture alive during this very weird time.

Funds are used to cover hard costs for albums and artistic projects, and are also granted directly to struggling artists. We are committed to complete financial transparency.

As a donor, you'll get access to our Discord server, where you can chat with other supporters, members, and "church elders."

Your donation is tax deductible -  we'll send you the info for writing this off on your taxes.

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Because of you, the future of music can be a little brighter.