Sound Sanctuary

Coming soon to Nobody City, Indianapolis...

In 2023, Church of Noise is embarking on a new endeavor, with the establishment of a physical location in Indianapolis called The Sound Sanctuary. This space will be in partnership with other arts-focused businesses, to form the Nobody City community.

Nobody City is an arts community, located on the outskirts of downtown Indianapolis, comprised of the all-ages venue/art-space Healer, Joyful Noise Recordings, and others. The Sound Sanctuary is the home base of operations for Church of Noise, providing a small recording studio for live bands, and houses a one-of-a-kind lathe cutting factory for press-on-demand vinyl records. The Sanctuary will also be home to sound and video installations for the presentation of experimental music, visual art, and poetry.

In conjunction, Church of Noise will be launching a record label, in which we fully fund two full-length albums per year (for release on 12" vinyl), from diverse and adventurous artists. 

Your donations will help bring all of this into the world–supporting artists by allowing them access to on-demand, same-day vinyl records, a place to record live, a platform for showcasing visual art, and much more. 

Planning is underway, with construction beginning in Q3 2023. Thank you for your support of the arts!